November 7th - 18th
Tune IN and Call IN YOUR SUPPORT!!!
(207) 492-6000 or wfst@wfst.net

Special Giving Over this last year many of our listeners have made special one time gifts to cover the cost of needed items. You have supported 2 new computers, computer software, taxes, a new driveway light, tower fence, transmitter parts, and a Production Mixer. I Thank you for these gifts!
You have allowed us to improve worker safety, and productivity. You have also allowed this ministry to make prompt repairs to equipment so that the Radio Ministry could return to operation.
Thank You again.
Our Lord has so many faithful children looking out for this small, yet significant, Ministry. Please pray for the upcoming year and how God will use our Ministry!

Contract Services$1,668
Dues $288
Education $12
Electricity $9,600
Fundraising $756
Health Insurance$43,692
Heating Oil $1,800
Insurance $4,320
Legal Fees $4,272
Miscellaneous $552
Music Fees $2,100
New Equipment $1,200
Payroll $54,000
Payroll tax $4,440
Postage $3,000
Program Cost $3,444
Property Taxes $2,880
Repairs $14,400
Supplies $2,904
Telephone $1,788
Total Budget$157,116
Monthly Need$13,093

Giving all the glory to GOD!
-- John Stephenson