Budget Needs

This year's monthly budget is $12,131.25. As of Feb 20th, we have received a total of $18,004.15, so we are currently short by $6,258.35. We need your help and the help of others. If yu can help us to cover this shortfall, please send your donation to:
PO Box 600
Caribou, ME 04736
Please keep this need in your prayers and thank you to so many who have been faithful in sending us your donations!

Year-end Statements

Year End Statements You should have received your Year-end statement in February. If for some reason you did not get your statement or if the amount is incorrect, please let us know. We will verify the information with you and then print a new statement for your tax deduction purposes. Call Linda at 492-6000 after 9:00am Thank you for giving to Family Radio!

2007 Budget

This years budget is listed below... We have been able to bring this years budget back down close to the 2005 budgeted amount ($147,223.) The 2006 budget was higher because it included the cost of installing the backup transmitter was about $13,200. I budgeted for a 15% increase in medical insurance as it always tends to go up. The rest of the budget has little or no increase.

WFST 2007 Budget
Category Actual
Contract Services 1560.00
Dues&Subscrips. 288.00
Electricity 9360.00
Fundraising 348.00
Health Insurance 41,112.00
Heating Oil 1824.00
Insurance 4308.00
Internet 540.00
Music fees 2100.00
New Equipment 1200.00
Payroll-Gross 56830.00
Payroll-Taxes 4577.00
Postage 3000.00
Program costs 3444.00
Property taxes 2916.00
Repairs & Maint 6204.00
Supplies 3120.00
Telephone 1872.00
Travel 120.00
Total Expenses145,575.00
Monthly Need12,131.00

Giving all the glory to GOD!
-- John Stephenson